Today marked the longest/largest cook I have taken on to date. My wife picked up an 18 lb prime brisket from Costco and 2 pork shoulders. I also had a few packs of whole chicken wings laying around so I decided to cook them up also. First I cooked the wings, 225 F for 1/2 hours and then finished them on the grill. Next I cooked the brisket and pork shoulders on my Big Green Egg between 225 F and 250 F. The brisket JUST fit, I had to trim it to 18 inches long to make it fit, and I had to use my shelf for the BGE in order to cook the pork shoulders at the same time. Enjoy the video below where I walk you through the process, or skip to the end to see the finished result, keep on cooking!

Rub Recipe: https://order.smoking-meat.com/produc…

BBQ Tools:

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