Today I received my Warrior Poet Society appendix carry belt. I’ve been wanting to upgrade my mediocre jeans belt to something better for everyday carry and after scouring the U tube and interwebs, decided to buy this one because the small buckle size and ease of use for adjusting while carrying. Below is a video I made showing my unboxing with initial thoughts and how I chose to adjust the size after wearing the belt for a little. Overall I really like the belt initially, the only negative is that this specific buckle with the WPS badging doesn’t have a clasp to clamp down on the belt when setting it up and only has screws, whereas it seems the non WPS version on the nexbelt site actually clasps down on the belt. It is comfortable and is a million times better than my crappy jeans belt. The holster clips are very secure on this belt which makes it solid for holstering/un-holstering a weapon, or if you just want a gear belt for hiking in the woods his will hold up great. Check out my video below and subscribe!

Link to video review

Link to belt