My wife picked up baby back ribs from Giant super cheap. Since they were pre-frozen, I had to cook them up. Check out my super simple method below, the 2-2-1 method (2 hours on smoker, 2 hours in foil with butter, 1 hour on smoker with sauce uncovered). In this case, they finished quicker than normal so I only foiled for 1 hour. I used Jeffs rub (Rub Recipe:… ) and cooked between 225 F and 275 F. Enjoy!

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    Speedy Viking


    What I really enjoyed about this blog post is that is is super concise. Let’s break it down. First thing, first: the disclaimer i guesstimate at being roughly more than 1/3 of the post – no one reads it, no one cares; let’s just call it a 33% discount to the consumer. I’m guessing Giant is the sponsor of this post (but I don’t know) – I think Giant should get out of their way and let this guy cut the crap and grabbed my attention to their “super-cheap” prices (which has piqued my attention). I’m sure the soup he made was great (“jk” “lol” I know he made bb ribs with his quadratic 2-2-1 equation) but let’s get the final point in: this post is like a compression bomb! It’s so damn good, it takes twice as many words as it does to break it down.

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