I love my Chevy Bolt, However; the driver seat bottom leaves much to be desired. During my test drive of 25 minutes the comfort seemed fine, but after driving 2 hours home from the dealer in Maryland to Philadelphia my left leg had a “dead leg” feel and my bottom was killing me. It seems Chevy really skimped on the seat frame (there really is no frame) under the cushion, which is not prominent on all Bolts and certainly depends on the individual car and driver. I am 5 ft 8 inches tall and weigh 155 lbs with a 32″ waist. I would consider myself a skinny person, and find the seat very uncomfortable. To me it seems like the left side plastic of the seat frame digs into my thigh. What’s interesting is I find the rear seats completely fine, which are less of a bucket shape and more of a flat cushion. I have read many owners find it perfectly fine, others claiming the Premium leather seats are made better. Anyway, if you find the seat bottom uncomfortable, it might be worth trying this mod of placing foam under the upholstery to try to make it more comfortable. I would recommend using a semi-rigid foam which is around 1/2 ” thick, possibly with additional memory foam above it, you don’t want it too thick as you won’t be able to get the upholstery back on completely. Check my video if you want to see how I performed the mod.

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