Updated 5/29/2019:

Since I posted the below article, I have come across a video posted courtesy of Ai-Tesla on youtube here.

In the video, I took a screen grab of the tire and zoomed in.

These appear to be Michelin pilot super sport tires without all of the commercial text on the tire.

Based on my research, these appear to be Michelin pilot super sport 255 / 40 ZR 20 tires, which are for 20 inch rims. Since my original article was based on the assumption of 19 inch rims, I have recalculated the height and come up with the following:

My updated calculations point to the height of the car in the middle being 5 ft 2 inches tall, or 62.2 inches. This would make the Model Y 5 inches taller in the mid point of the roof then the Model 3. Since The roof slopes so much I don’t know how useful this extra height will be in the rear of the car, but it gives some hope to those who are holding out for a more affordable crossover (compared to the Model X), slightly larger Model 3.

I’ve also updated the image to show the possible ground clearance of 7.7 inches, which would put it 1 inch shorter than most crossover SUVs which are typically around 8.5-8.8 inches.

Original Article:

After my last post about guestimating the rear cargo space, I decided to try and use similar logic to determine the height of the upcoming Model Y.

In one of the best pictures I’ve seen to date, a user @modus_ops on instagram posted this below image of the Model Y outside of a tesla factory where only Tesla employees can view the car.

Courtesy of @modus_ops on instagram (
https://www.instagram.com/modus_ops/ )

Since it appears that the rims are a black version of the Tesla Model 3 sport rims, which are 19 inches, I did some calculating using the scale of this image, knowing the rims measure 19″ in diameter to determine the height of the car.

Using the measuring method described here in this video, I measured by drawing a line from the inside bead to the inside seated bead on the rim to determine how many pixels represent 19 inches in this pic. Next, I boxed out the car and drew a line from the ground just under the wheel to the top of the car where the wheel is. The result estimation is that the Model Y is around 4 ft 11 inches in height. The diameter line on the rim I drew is 109.04 pixels long. The car is 341 pixels high. There are 5.74 pixels per inch in this image. 341 / 5.74 comes out to 59.4 inches, which makes this 2 inches taller than the Model 3 which comes in at 4 ft 9 inches in height. Now I actually think the Model Y is a little bit taller than 4 ft 11 inches, but I can only go off of this image for now until Tesla gives us more details or someone physically measures the height. On renderings others are making it appears to be even a few more inches taller than what my estimation is.

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